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"In KPF classes I know I’m going to get a workout that is both challenging and nurturing on that particular day. In person and online, Katelyn is enthusiastic, fun, and encouraging. It’s not just exercise - it’s a community that supports mind, body, and soul."

Amalia W

“Katelyn provides an incredible yoga experience! She is my favorite yoga instructor, out of 4 years of practicing. Katelyn is amazing at guiding a class that is challenging, invigorating, and leaves you at peace while creating a beautifully warm environment. 5 stars and I recommend her classes for everyone!”

Clare P

What to Expect in a KPF Class

Each class begins with a question which could be anything from "What's your favorite ice cream flavor?" to "What's the best advice you've ever been given?" This is an opportunity to get to know the other students in the class and build trust and community. I've always believed it's easier to suffer in class together when you know each other's names. As you show up and share a little bit more about yourself, you'll find that you slowly have built this amazing community that thinks just as fondly of you as you do of them. It's hard to describe but amazing to experience.

During class I will be giving everyone general and individual cues to help you prevent an injury, as well as achieve proper form to get the most out of the exercise. Your safety is my top priority. Expect a lot of different options and modifications for each exercise.

Classes are intentionally challenging to give you something to work towards. This also serves as an excellent measurement tool for your progress. As you consistently show up for classes, you start to see your endurance and overall strength improve. Also, expect us to celebrate you and the progress you've made because babe, you're amazing.

"I didn’t think I could look forward to exercising as much as I do with Katelyn’s classes! She pushes me to improve while keeping a judgment-free environment for every skill level, I’ve branched out and tried a wide range of classes I otherwise wouldn’t have. KPF has created an amazing community, and I feel lucky to be a a part of it!"

Jaime F

"I really enjoyed bootcamp!!! I like the variety of workouts and feel like I got a lot from each one. They also go by really quickly (in a good way). I like starting with questions and getting to know people a little bit that way...I would totally sign up for a year round bootcamp."

Heather R

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“Katelyn made me love yoga because she was such a perfect instructor for me. I’ve branched out to other styles and types of yoga since, but sweating to Beyoncé with her was what I needed to fall hard.”

Sophia R

“Katelyn’s yoga class is not only effective at making you stronger, more flexible and more agile - it is fun! This is not your typical yoga class (with lots of snooty “experts”)... For postures that my body just could not do, Katelyn took the time to look up ways to make them work (like using a strap). She is supportive, encouraging, and heartfelt in her desire for her students to succeed and feel good about yoga.”

Heather R

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