P E R S O N A L  T R A I N I N G




  • 50 minute session consisting of targeted stretching, a workout tailored to your fitness goals and any muscular imbalances that effect your posture and joint alignment

  • Strength-based workouts building up from stabilization exercises and incorporating more endurance, agility, and power-based exercises.

  • An initial fitness assessment to find muscular imbalances and to create fitness goals to lead your programming.

  • Reassessing your fitness goals every three weeks and adjusting your programming to where you want to go, even if your goal changes.

  • Clear and concise cues for each exercise, as well as demos and step by step live instruction for each new exercise. 

  • A challenge! Every week the exercises get more challenging. Expect me to add reps, more sets, or more dynamic movements to your programming. I'll be right there with encouragement, reminding you how strong you are.



  • Custom programming tailored to your fitness goals.

  • Option for full-body, or a more focused workout.

  • 30 min workout and 50 min workout options.

  • Step-by-step instructions written out with clear and concise cues for each exercise.



  • Everything above aaand...

  • Accountability check-ins where you send me your completed reps, resistance, and sets. 

  • Pre-recorded demos of each exercise along with step-by-step instructions written out with clear and concise cues for each exercise.


T A K E  A  C L A S S  W I T H  A  C O M M U N I T Y

Power Yoga

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Wednesdays 9a
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Core & Stretch

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