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Strong by KPF

Strong by KPF


8-Week Workout Plan


Strong by KPF Includes:

✨ 7 Different Workouts

✨ 30+ Different Exercises

✨ Step by Step Instructions

✨ Pre-Planned Calendar

✨ Injury-Prevention Tips

✨ Core & Strength Focus

✨ Perfect for Beginners

✨ Only a Set of Weights is Needed

✨ Lifetime Access


  • More Info

    Want to work out with me but your schedule’s crazy? Here’s a workout session you can take with you! These workouts are designed for every fitness level, intelligently designed to hit the primary muscles and the fitness goals that have come up time and again for my clients. No gym required - all you need is a set of weights and a good playlist! This beginner-friendly guide consists of Phase 1 & Phase 2 with an emphasis on building strength. There is a pre-planned calendar to follow but feel free to mix & match if you’re like a Gemini and like to have options.


    ✨ Exercises ✨

    I wanted to create something that was easy to follow but thorough enough to give you confidence to workout on your own. Each exercise has detailed step by step instructions, starting with a set up section. I rely on visual aides when I’m learning and so each exercise has a few photos that are referenced in the steps to give you a better understanding - helping you to stay safe and prevent injuries. There is a recommended number of reps & sets, but these are more suggestions. Honor where you’re at today and celebrate what your body can accomplish now.




    ✨ Phase One & Two ✨

    This guide is divided into two phases, each with a different purpose. Phase One is set up to build muscular endurance and strength needed for Phase Two Workouts. Phase One lasts for three weeks while Phase Two is for the last five weeks. Phase One consists of three workouts: Workout A, B, and C. Each Workout has four exercises. Phase Two has four completely different workouts: Workout A, B, C, and D. Each workout in Phase Two has six exercises for each workout. If this sounds confusing, don’t worry, everything is set up in a clear order with a clickable table of contents for easy access as you go.



    ✨ KPF Tips ✨

    You will find tips and encouragement throughout the guide to help keep you safe and knowledgable. I’m known for talking a lot in my classes but I really do believe that knowledge is power and I hope to give you as many tools as I can. The tips and Katelyn-isms are listed in the table as contents if you wanted to read them all before you start.

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