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three month, early morning
monday wednesday friday
small-group strength training

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every class is a different workout


Every class will focus on full-body exercises to help keep the heart rate up and to work your core. It's also more efficient to focus on full-body work because you're working multiple muscle groups at once. The best programs begin with those bigger compound movements and end with more simple, single-joint movements (because your body gets tired). As always, I teach to all levels and provide modifications for every exercise. I got you, boo.


Every class will focus on building strength conditioning & endurance. Make sure you have weights to get the most out of each session. I suggest a few options from 5lbs to 10lbs but if you're just starting out, opt for lighter weights and build up to heavier weights. Don't worry, lifting 10lbs isn't going to "bulk" you up - you need a huge focus on what you're eating to look like a body builder. We're just out here trying to feel stronger.

stretch & cardio

Every class will include a static & dynamic stretch session at the beginning followed by a few minutes of cardio to elevate your heart rate and raise your metabolism for the rest of the class so we're burning more calories as we do strength training (all because of those few minutes of cardio - wild, right?). Each class will end with a lovely little savasana because you deserve it.


You'll have access to the KPF Community Board. It's like the kitchen at a party - the place where we can gather - to connect outside of class, post recipes, ask questions, share about our weekly goals, & deepen our already amazing community!


Each week, one session is recorded, so you can log in live or access it later. The class recordings will be available to you during the three months of bootcamp. This makes it easy for you to mix and match your workouts during the week and not stress if you miss a day or two.

are you ready?

to feel stronger?
to have accountability?
and to find your fitness community?

Virtual workouts 3x a week MWF

Private KPF Forum for community & accountability

Virtual workout recordings thru the bootcamp

Start date: January 1st, 2023

End date: March 31st, 2023

Live class times: MWF - 60 minutes

6A PST / 7A MST / 8A CST / 9A EST

Total spots per session: 20

Current spots available: 10

wanting more?

Opt for the Annual Membership to have access to the Bootcamp classes as well as access to the Tuesday HIIT Express and the Thursday Barre Express classes each week. You'll also have access to the On Demand Library with over 200+ classes available and 11+ different formats. Great way to balance out your strength training with some flexibility work or more core-focused conditioning. Comes with an annual commitment of $120 (don't worry, you can pay monthly) so if you want more for less and want to save $3,600 a year, sign up for the Annual Membership below.

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