Hello beautiful! I’m Aria! My mission at this time in my life is to help people remember the power and freedom they have in their life, to live simply and joyfully through mindfulness and self love, and to remind people of their loving connection to our Mother Earth.


I am a 200-hour certified yoga and meditation instructor, creative writer (soon to be author), earth priestess and spiritual guide. Since I was very young, I was called an old soul, simply wanting freedom and love for the world. I felt this massive weight on my shoulders to help change the world. Through all of my experiences and choices, I allowed myself to embody who I truly am at my core, to accept my deepest passions and run with it. I am forever expanding to embody my authenticity in each moment and hoping to inspire others to live in their truth as well.

Born and raised in the dance industry of San Diego County, moving my body has always been a vital key in my life. I didn’t fully know this until I turned 16. After having major hip surgery and teaching myself how to walk all over again, I was brought back to the bare bones of movement. Yoga always brought me back to the why of moving my body. Rather than it just being a sport or career, movement was a way of expressing myself, a way of learning more about myself and returning back to my center.


Creating an at home yoga practice shifted me into a whole new reality, where I was more mindful, aware and excited about growing and enjoying my life. It gave me a space to practice loving myself a little more. Yoga and dance always saved me and brought me home to myself.


There’s something magical about the stillness of yin yoga and the natural flow with our breath in vinyasa. Every moment in each pose offers an opportunity and a choice to keep going and keep growing. I am so blessed to be able to assist people in creating their own spiritual practices that meet them where they are at. We are forever given opportunities to shift our lives into further fulfillment and love, and sometimes it is as simple as stepping on your mat each day, laying a hand on your heart or taking in a deeper breath.


My journey has been all about expressing myself authentically and following my deepest passions. You can find me active on YouTube sharing spiritual guidance based on my own experiences, guided meditations, energy work, and yogic practices. I offer live online courses, one on one healing and coaching sessions, and community events online and in person. You can also find me at Disneyland, playing video games, laughing and creating with loved ones, and exploring somewhere out in nature.


I am so grateful for this community and opportunity to teach yoga live online! I hope to make you smile and remember how loved you are. Hope to practice together soon!