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What to Expect in a KPF Class

Each class begins with a question which could be anything from "What's your favorite ice cream flavor?" to "What's the best advice you've ever been given?" This is an opportunity to get to know the other students in the class and build trust and community. I've always believed it's easier to suffer in class together when you know each other's names. As you show up and share a little bit more about yourself, you'll find that you slowly have built this amazing community that thinks just as fondly of you as you do of them. It's a very playful, encouraging, and authentic community. It's hard to describe but amazing to experience.

During class I will be giving everyone general and individual cues to help you prevent an injury, as well as achieve proper form to get the most out of the exercise. Your safety is my top priority. Expect a lot of different options and modifications for each exercise.

Classes are intentionally challenging to give you something to work towards. This also serves as an excellent measurement tool for your progress. (I always encourage you to cuss me out if you need to during classes. You're muted anyways. And if you need to me to see your feelings, flip me the bird.) As you consistently show up for classes, you start to see your endurance and overall strength improve. Also, expect us to celebrate you and the progress you've made because babe, you're amazing.

Scroll down to learn more about Katelyn and to meet the other teachers at KPF.

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Meet Katelyn


I started practicing yoga when I was young. My mom would often do yoga in our living room. She’d pop in the VHS and invite me to follow Rodney Yee in those tight spandex shorts through a series of basic yoga stretches. The flow was full of intentional breathing, stillness, and learning how to live in my body. 


Learning how to live in my body and how to breathe slowly fascinated me as a kid and I developed a compassionate respect for yoga. I loved the idea of becoming a yoga teacher, but I didn't think I would be able to support myself financially only teaching. I pushed the dream aside, and tried to figure out what I wanted to do with my life instead. 


It wasn’t until I lost my father-in-law when I was in my early twenties that I decided to follow thru with the crazy little dream that I had as a kid: I wanted to become a yoga teacher. I was broke, so I asked my friends to chip in $10 and got a job as a janitor at the yoga studio to get a discount. I completed 200 hours of training in 8 weeks and became a certified yoga teacher.

Once I started teaching, I discovered I was a bit of a black sheep. As a teacher, I didn't use Sanskrit. My playlists were heavy with hip hop, R&B, and Drake. My flows were playful and challenging. I cared more about my students connecting with their body through breath than pushing any spiritual or yogic philosophies.

I still wasn't convinced I could teach & support myself financially, so I continued teaching a few nights a week, went back to school, and got a degree in World History where the plan was to become a History teacher (born to be teacher through and through).

Two years later, I started working as a part-time personal chef and decided to take my two-nights a week yoga teaching gig to a more part-time position. One of the gyms I was teaching at needed a teacher in the late mornings, Monday through Friday, but they wanted someone that could teach barre. So I got my barre certification, took a bunch of classes on Youtube, and started teaching. My first barre class, no one showed up. The next week, one person came. This class would grow to fill the room in a few short months.

I would go on to create my own format, Core & Stretch, which would go on to become one of my most beloved classes. I got certified in a few other formats and picked up more classes around Seattle. Eventually, I was able to leave my position as a personal-chef and teach full-time, a dream that I had given up on as "silly + impossible" at the beginning of my teaching days. 

I became a NASM Certified Personal Trainer in 2021. When the gyms and studios shut down for COVID, I started teaching my own virtual classes on the next day to anyone that wanted to show up - and so this virtual space was born! For the first time, I'm completely self-employed as a Fitness Professional and I honestly feel like I've found what I was born to do.

My goal with my classes is to create a sense of community and joy. As an instructor, my goal is to teach a challenging and playful class, create a supportive community, and help you reach your full potential. As a trainer, my goal is to create an intelligent personal training plan with custom workouts aligned to your goals and that efficiently find progress.

I hope to make an impact on more than just a physical level. I see you as a person, not just a body. I hope to get to know you better and to help you to achieve your fitness dreams.

I would love to have you in a class and apart of the KPF community. You can find the class schedule here, and we have class pass & membership options as well. If you're interested in working one-on-one, I'd be honored to create a space of accountability and encouragement for you to thrive. Please email me here to see if we are a good fit!

On that note, I want to take a moment and say that I understand my classes are not everyone's cuppa tea. I completely understand and respect that. I appreciate every time someone gives my class a chance, But, I only want the KPF community to consist of genuine people, that authentically love the community and the classes. I know there's a community out there for everyone. If KPF isn't it, I'm not offended. And to the KPF community, our community that has risen up is one of a kind, and I am honored to have each of you in my life.


Thank you.

Meet the other teachers at KPF that we're honored to have

Meet Aria


Hello beautiful! I’m Aria! My mission at this time in my life is to help people remember the power and freedom they have in their life, to live simply and joyfully through mindfulness and self love, and to remind people of their loving connection to our Mother Earth.


I am a 200-hour certified yoga and meditation instructor, creative writer (soon to be author), earth priestess and spiritual guide. Since I was very young, I was called an old soul, simply wanting freedom and love for the world. I felt this massive weight on my shoulders to help change the world. Through all of my experiences and choices, I allowed myself to embody who I truly am at my core, to accept my deepest passions and run with it. I am forever expanding to embody my authenticity in each moment and hoping to inspire others to live in their truth as well.

Born and raised in the dance industry of San Diego County, moving my body has always been a vital key in my life. I didn’t fully know this until I turned 16. After having major hip surgery and teaching myself how to walk all over again, I was brought back to the bare bones of movement. Yoga always brought me back to the why of moving my body. Rather than it just being a sport or career, movement was a way of expressing myself, a way of learning more about myself and returning back to my center.

Creating an at home yoga practice shifted me into a whole new reality, where I was more mindful, aware and excited about growing and enjoying my life. It gave me a space to practice loving myself a little more. Yoga and dance always saved me and brought me home to myself.


There’s something magical about the stillness of yin yoga and the natural flow with our breath in vinyasa. Every moment in each pose offers an opportunity and a choice to keep going and keep growing. I am so blessed to be able to assist people in creating their own spiritual practices that meet them where they are at. We are forever given opportunities to shift our lives into further fulfillment and love, and sometimes it is as simple as stepping on your mat each day, laying a hand on your heart or taking in a deeper breath.


My journey has been all about expressing myself authentically and following my deepest passions. You can find me active on YouTube sharing spiritual guidance based on my own experiences, guided meditations, energy work, and yogic practices. I offer live online courses, one on one healing and coaching sessions, and community events online and in person. You can also find me at Disneyland, playing video games, laughing and creating with loved ones, and exploring somewhere out in nature.


I am so grateful for this community and opportunity to teach yoga live online! I hope to make you smile and remember how loved you are. Hope to practice together soon!

Meet Maya

I was born and raised in New York. I have been dancing since I was 8 years old (my mother was a dancer) so movement has always been an integral part of my life. I graduated with a BFA from SUNY Purchase Conservatory of Dance, and studied abroad at Taipei National University of the Arts in Taiwan. Since transplanting to Seattle, I have performed with various contemporary dance artists and companies, and am a teacher for the worldwide family of Dance Church®, an inclusive work out dance party for dancers and non-dancers alike.


After receiving my Pilates training from Bodycenter Studios in Seattle, I have fallen deep into discovering how exactly I fit into the fitness and wellness world as a dancer, as an artist. For now, I am still learning and adjusting to this new platform, and continuously striving to provide an intimate connection to work collectively in empowering our bodies through movement and strength conditioning. 

When I'm not teaching Pilates or Dance Church, in dance class or rehearsal, or managing a pizza restaurant (shout out to Cornelly!), you can find me sipping on way too many oat milk lattes and romping around the gorgeous Washington wilderness with my best friend Hazel! My partner is a Chef (I'm a genius right?!) and I'm indebted to him for all the gluten free goodies he treats me to on the daily... We love to camp, eat Thai food, and binge watch Marvel movies. 


I feel so fortunate to have a generous network in Seattle, filled with inspiration and love from people that uplift me everyday... I can only hope to motivate and encourage people to feel empowered and confident in their own resilient bodies; a hurdle that I myself have once had to leap over with all my might. Climbing out of dark places or moments of insecurity is a beautiful task many of us have faced often.


If small steps can be taken to ensure we have the tools to arrive at a grounded and confident place in our bodies, to challenge and push ourselves forward, let's do it... together! 


"KPF classes are my favorite! Katelyn has the best energy—she always makes sure everyone feels accepted and offers modifications for each movement. She also always delivers a kick-ass workout! Her classes have been key to me building a well-rounded and fun workout routine."


"KPF classes have been a godsend. Her classes and personal training are fun and challenging for both beginners and experts. Katelyn excels at meeting you where you see and adapting to your needs, even in a class setting. She gives alternatives for so many exercises to ensure that you are not harming your body, and her verbal cues really help strengthen your mind-body connection. Highly, highly, highly recommend spending an hour of your day with this amazing human being and letting her journey with you."


“If you’re looking for a kick-ass good time while working out - look no further. Kate is so passionate at making sure fitness is fun and works so hard to specialize her classes down to the music choice. (Which is always the best part). She’s the best at what she does!”


meet aria
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